About PA eMentoring

Think back to when you were in high school and ask yourself: Knowing all that I know now, what guidance about college and careers do I wish I had gotten as a high school student?

PA eMentoring is a chance to give that guidance to a teen or young adult who, below the surface, is just as nervous and scared as you were.

In fact, by giving just 15 minutes a week from your desk or home computer, an online career eMentor can provide the guidance and reinforcement necessary to positively impact a student for a lifetime.

The Program uses working and retired adults and mature college students serving as online career mentors, as well as a structured online curriculum to help give teens and young adults the knowledge and skills they need to "get real" about their futures - "real" about the demands and opportunities within the job market, and "real" about a plan that leads to their eventual success.

The ultimate goal of PA eMentoring is to help our youth achieve success after high school by providing them with a detailed, realistic post secondary plan that is created with and supported by a career mentor.

PA eMentoring for Employers

What employers are saying: PA eMentoring promotes community service and volunteerism that is good for schools and good for business. Serving as an online career mentor is an ideal corporate volunteer opportunity - it's easy and fun and our employees like that they can positively impact a young person." Providing eMentors is a tangible way for regional employers to directly support our schools in preparing kids for the 21st century workplace. By giving just 15-minutes a week from their desk during lunch hour, our employees can positively impact a high school student.

PA eMentoring for Teachers

What teachers are saying: I wish I had had a mentor to help me develop a college and career plan when I was in 10th grade. My students are far more open to college and career advice coming from an adult working outside of the school. My students look forward to communicating with their mentor. They enjoyed the online activities. The program allows us to meet the 11th grade Pennsylvania Standards for Career Education and Work.

PA eMentoring for eMentees

What our eMentees are saying: It's fun to talk with someone - other than just my parents and teachers - about careers. I had just always assumed that I was going to a 4-year college. My mentor has been through everything that I'm going through now. I had never even thought about some of the jobs that are out there. This is the one program that we used in class that actually made sense.

PA eMentoring for eMentors

What our eMentors are saying: It reminded me of just how clueless I was when I was their age. My mentee had just assumed he was going to a 4-year college, but decided to pursue a two-year degree at community college based on his career choice and financial situation. I learned how to better talk about college and career issues with my own children. Prior to participating in PA eMentoring, my mentee had no idea of the college and career options available to them.

David Mosey
Executive Director

Diane Duncan
Administrative Assistant

Sara Singh
Lead Programmer

Smart Futures' vision is all Pennsylvania students graduating from high school prepared for post-secondary success. Smart Futures' Mission is to provide educators in Pennsylvania with online career education resources that help kids "get real" - real about who they are, where they are going, and how to get there.

Smart Futures is a 501c-3 non-profit organization and a leading provider of online career education resources and training to schools and community-based organizations in Pennsylvania. Our online programs include Keys2Work, PA eMentoring, My Career Journey, and Financial Literacy 101. If you are a company interested in offering the program to your employees, an educator wanting to introduce this program to your classroom or an education-supportive intermediary organization that would like to help bring eMentoring to your community, call 412-288-3900.